Our Photo Booth – Your Entertainment

One of the best reasons to have a Photo Booth is to entertain your guests. It’s important to consider that events have down times, and you have to think of a way to keep your guests entertained during those times. Everyone loves to take photos in events. May it be a social or family gathering, people love to document where they are, who they are with, how much fun they are having!

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Our Photo Booth – Your perfect ‘Ice Breaker’!

When you hire a Photo Booth, it is an easy way to ignite a fun, creative and entertaining mood to an event. It brings endless entertainment and is a creative way to break the ice, bring people together. It encourages them to take part in the evening’s festivities. Remember the old-time Booths? How funny was it to see grandma and grandpa kiss while dressed in oversize glasses in a Photo Booth? Everyone enjoys watching tons of folks trying to squeeze in for the perfect photo in a photo booth. The two things you see in EVERY Photo Booth crowd are SMILES and LAUGHTER. That fun is contagious across the event.

berkshire photo booth

Our Photo Booth! Your Opportunities for Networking!

In big corporate events, not everyone knows each other. The number of people attending could be a great number, and could be a really good indicator for the success of the event. However, for you to get good reviews and feedback, an atmosphere of warmth and familiarity has to be felt. As people in large numbers need to fall in line for their turn in a photo booth, they soon start talking and bond with one another. Some would even be in the same photo once they have their turn to have their photo taken. Conversations start to flow smoothly when talking about a shared experience. This gives the people a great opportunity to talk casually about a lot of things, business and other matters are not an exception to this. Moreover, event planners and hosts can even use the photos taken as a good way to get the ball rolling in terms of speaking freely and interact with the attendees.

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Our Photo Booth – Your Guest Book

This may be the biggest reason of all to book a Photo Booth for your event.
Of course, when people go to any event, one thing they’ll be keeping an eye on is the party favour or souvenir! they’ll be taking home or placing on their fridge and album. Time and time again here at GM Events Hire we are told how happy brides and grooms are with this part of our service. It’s a new twist on the traditional guest books and one that you will want to look at again and again.

berkshire photo booth

Our Photo Booths are a unique form of entertainment. Laughter, smiles, and pure joy spread like wildfire from a photo booth. People truly cut loose and have a good time. They enjoy picking the Photo Booth props and posing. It is a good time for all!!!