The GM EVENTS HIRE is committed to the well-being of our customers  and the wider community.
During the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak, your safety and the safety of our staff is our primary concern. Amid the uncertainties about COVID-19 (coronavirus) and the fast, ever-changing global picture, we want to make sure you have the information you need to make an informed decision about your upcoming/potential booking with GM EVENTS HIRE.
Key to this is following government recommendations closely, and with the recent change of government advice around the pandemic, we wanted to let you know that we’ve updated our COVID-19 (coronavirus) guidelines.

Important Information Regarding COVID-19

Last updated: Thursday 17th June 2021

Current permitted numbers by the UK Government: 

From the 21st June 2021 the number of people allowed to attend your wedding will no longer be capped at 30, it will be determined upon the socially distanced capacity of the Covid Secure Venue.


If your wedding is outside, in a structure in a private garden, then the capacity is based on social distancing at 1metre + mitigation.

Who is included in the capacity allowance for my wedding?

All in attendance are included. Guests (including children of all ages), wedding parties, the couple, venue staff, suppliers, etc. are all currently included. It is important that you speak with your venue so that guests, as well as individuals working during your wedding, can be taken into consideration for their risk assessment

Do my guests have to socially distance themselves?

Your guests are not legally required to socially distance themselves. However, the risk assessment must conclude that there is space to do so if required.

Can I have additional evening guests?


Yes, depending on the venue risk assessment and how many guests you have during the day compared to maximum capacity.


Do my guests need to sit at a table of 6?


No. The government has confirmed that there is no requirement for guests to be seated at socially distanced tables of 6. The hospitality guidelines are for traditional hospitality functions and weddings are being given relaxation to this rule. The guidelines are/will be updated to reflect this.


Can my bridal party all get ready in the same room?


Yes, as long as there is the capacity for all members of the bridal party to socially distance should they wish to.


Does a marquee count as ‘outdoors’?


For a structure to be considered ‘outdoors’ it must have 50% of its sides uncovered and must be a proper structure.


Our Guidelines:

• Carefully monitoring the Government and Public Health England’s (PHE) risk level assessment and to implement all new changes required, as quickly as possible.

• Continuous re-enforcement of the Government and PHE precautions to our staff to help prevent spreading of the virus, including regular hand washing through the provision of hand-sanitizer.

• Asking customers to follow government guidelines and ensure they are not exhibiting symptoms associated with Coronavirus before you book with us / if you have already booked, it’s important to contact us straight away so we can discuss your options.

• Requiring staff who are exhibiting symptoms associated with Coronavirus to follow government guidelines, notify relevant individuals internally and self-isolate.

• Ensure we remain COVID-19 Secure at all times.

Along with taking official advice, we are also putting additional measures in place to help fight the spread of the virus. Each member of our staff will have:

  • Access to bottles of disinfectant spray and hand-sanitizer.

  • Facemasks / Visors available to all staff members, at all times, from the start and to the end of each and every booking.

  • Access to management via telephone at all times

  • Take cleaning equipment to every event, to clean props, as each customer handles them.

  • Cleaning Station with hand-sanitizer.



We continue to monitor Government and PHE guidelines closely, and stand ready to make any necessary changes to protect you.

We have been advised by our trade body that during this time, it is not appropriate for all props to be used during bookings.

We have taken out what we call ‘high risk’ props from our offerings during events, such as items that would be put near the mouth (such as cigars) or items that would go near the face (such as masks).

We will only have items that can be used in hands and which we can clean before the next guest touches the items.

We will be running a contactless booth session, so customers will not be permitted to touch the photobooth during the session.

What is GM EVENTS HIRE doing for its customers?

If you need to change your date:

Any bookings, can be changed to a new date. Currently we are allowing date changes free of charge up till 31st December 2021, providing we are not booked elsewhere, this policy is under constant review and as soon as government advise permits, we will revert to our usual policy.


We ask customers to please contact us and ALL your suppliers BEFORE booking a new date with your venue.

We’re speaking to a growing number of couples who are requesting a date change with us after agreeing a new date with the venue and couples are finding us and other suppliers may not be free as the conversation hasn’t been had with suppliers beforehand.

We are trying as hard as we can to accommodate all couples, so please help us and other suppliers by discussing a range of dates with us all first and then speaking with your venue.

We’re hearing many couples say venues are only offering them one date. This is against CMA guidelines and is called ”Frustration of Contract’, venues must be offering couples a range of dates you can rebook to, not just one. If a venue only offers one date, a customer would be entitled to declare the contract between them, ”frustrated’ and therefore be entitled to cancel without financial penalty providing that the wedding IS affected by COVID-19, and not just because the customer doesn’t want to have the wedding anymore.

This is why we’re asking couples to speak with suppliers first to get a range of dates that they could do, hopefully to find a date ALL suppliers can do, and to then speak and rebook the venue.

Its important to involve your suppliers in these talks before re-booking with your venue as you may book a new date with your venue which some of your suppliers may not be able to accommodate.

It is important to note many suppliers do prior work on bookings.

We and ALL suppliers are trying our very best for our customers at this difficult time whilst trying to stay afloat ourselves, please help us to help you during this time.

Please note: We can only change to alternative dates if we are available and couples have spoken to us before rebooking with the venue.

If we are not available on your new date we will refund your deposit in full.

If you need to cancel:

In the unfortunate event you need to cancel due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we will process with a full refund of your deposit.

If you need to contact us:

We are contactable during the following hours:

Monday – Friday: 10:00 – 18:00

You can contact us on:


+44 (0)7761482161 – Greg, Director



Live chat:

Through the link at the bottom off this page

Thank you for your continued understanding and support during the unprecedented time.

We are here to support you as much as possible,