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Weddings/Events/Parties – Let us create the WOW factor for your special day with our beautiful decor. Chair covers with sashes in your colour theme really finish a room off. Our gorgeous LOVE letters are a real hit, and can be used at as a focal point in any setting. Our LED LOVE Table, is a beautiful addition, and can be fully setup with sweets of your choice in traditional jars or used as a present table.If you want to make all the guests happy we have our delicious Chocolate Fountain that always causes a stir! Let them dip fruits, sweets or mallows while they enjoy the music!
We would love to hear all about your party or event coming up, just Send us an Inquiry today and we will be in touch to discuss all the details!

65″ Magic Mirror

Who doesn’t like to take a selfie in the mirror sometimes? Add to this the bubbly mood of the party and full freedom of movement while takin pic and we will get great fun where a smile is guaranteed. Change the meaning of selfie with the interactive Magic Mirror Photo Booth! Now you and your guests can take a gorgeous photo of yourself and post it directly on social media. Likes will be tossed like rice at a wedding. Your guests will be able to print a photo immediately so that the nice souvenir will survive even in the post-apocalyptic reality without internet.

Photo Booth

It doesn’t matter what kind of party you’re about to prepare. Whether it’s an anniversary, a weeding or a business meeting – the photos have to be taken! Even if you hire a professional photographer, he might not be able to catch all those funny and happy moments of joy. If you want to get those crazy photos which really stand out, as well as provide unforgettable fun to your guests, let them become a photographer and a model at the same time! Our photo booth guarantees a unique experience, from which you won’t only gather unforgettable memories, but also get a magnificent souvenir for years to come.

LED Light Up Letters

Add a personal touch to your party with the magic of words. GM Events Hire letters will help to best verbalize the emotions of the night. You can use one of popular sings like “Love” or “Wedding” but you can also compose by yourself a giant inscription perfect for your occasion. Compose a message for your guests and create a romantic mood thanks to the atmospheric LED light. GM Events Hire letters separately and each one is individuallu wired to give you wide range of possibilities.


The Led Love Table will add charm to any party where love plays the first fiddle. This fancy accessory will attract everyone’s attention with its atmospheric light and the message of the most beautiful word on earth. Led Love Table is not only a beautiful original decoration, but also useful stand on which you can put whatever you want: souvenirs for your guests, cocktails, sweets, snacks or maybe a mailbox, pen and paper so that your guests could leave you a message or throw a compliment.

LED Numbers

We’re starting countdown to the party of your life… 3,2,1…. Celebrating a birthday? Don’t be ashamed of your age – emphasize it! Giant Led Number will add a perfect accent to your party, not only your birthday… Whether it’s your wedding anniversary or a New Year’s eve celebration, they are perfect occasions to add some ambiance using the Giant Led Numbers. With it’s help, evanescence doesn’t have to be sad, nor traumatic. Remember – age is just a number!

Chocolate Fountain

Proper arrangement of the event is a very important matter. Choosing the right attractions and decorations is very important thing in creating the right mood for the guests for every occasion. We offer something that will surely be a hit at any type of event. Chocolate fountain will ensure that all guests, not only the youngest, will be able to derive children’s joy from this gushing source of endorphins, which is chocolate. With chocolate fountain, guests will be able to transform everyday fruits into an exclusive and sensual chocolate dessert on their own.

Selfie POD with a Flower Wall

Take a break from dancing and lie down in a flower meadow. Thanks to Selfie Pod you don’t really need to lie down on the ground to find yourself in a field of flowers. Your guest dress creations will be perfectly highlighted by Selfie Pod with Flower Wall. . Such an attraction will grant class to your party and draw subtle beauty out of each Lady, but also out of the Gentleman who will benefit from it. Each photo taken with the Selfie Pod with a Flower Wall will make your wedding selfie look like a glamour catalog photo. Let your guests flourish and their delight will never end.

Sweet Cart

Do you want your event to be unique and stand out from others? It’s amazing how little you need to add an atmosphere, as if taken straight out of a fairy tale, to the event. Sweet Cart is going to bring a charming, warm atmosphere to your party … This delicious attraction will turn your guests into gourmands as if by magic. Thanks to Sweet Cart, you and your guests can discover a child within you who is always hungry for sweets and fun! And when you find them – take care of them.


Your Unforgettable Event



Your Unforgettable Event